Dawn White
Head Coach

RRCA Certified Running Coach
USATF Level 1 Certified Coach
RRCA Certified Race Director
CPR/First Aid Certified

Favorite distance– Marathon

Why you wanted to become a coach-I’ve always been a coach and teacher and love to share my passion with others. I like to take the beginner and see them progress through consistent effort.

Favorite runner– Meb, Pre, Galen, Shalane, and that runner who gives it their all everytime!

Favorite quote- “To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.” -Pre

Why it’s important to train with a coach– Sometimes it’s hard to be objective about your own training. A coach takes the guesswork out and can help you train efficiently. Although I am a coach, I have my own running coach as well!

Other hobbies– Reading and watching crime shows

Family/pets– Will-hubby, Baby Bear (my rescue pup)

Favorite race– Disney Marathon

Hardest part of training– Working on my mental game and speedwork

Etc-. I love Disney, Mickey Mouse, goats, and running shoes. I worked 21 years as a Bible teacher/ministry outreach director and now am fortunate to have a 2nd career at Black Dog Running I am just as passionate about!



Akemi O’Briant
Assistant Coach

RRCA Certified Running Coach

CPR/First Aid Certified

Favorite distance– Marathon and Half Marathon

Why you wanted to become a coach– Running is a big part of who I am. When you’re passionate about something, you naturally want to share it with others. Recently, I’ve experienced how rewarding it is to help someone achieve a personal goal. It’s a day I will never forget!

Favorite runner– I really don’t have a favorite elite/professional runner. There are so many to admire. I do have some favorite runners/friends that I get to run with on a regular basis.

Why it’s important to train with a coach– A coach will teach you the safe and efficient way to train. Often, we need a reminder to trust the process. Having that person push you out of your comfort zone is invaluable.

Other hobbies– Shopping, Sewing when I have the time.

Family/pets– Tod-Husband, Olive – Chihuahua & Princess of the House

Favorite race– Myrtle Beach Marathon – My hometown race!!

Hardest part of training– Getting through cumulative fatigue.

Etc-. I do love candy, cookies and doughnuts, but I’ve cut back on my sugar intake. Not a fan of the 5k distance, but I do them for the training.